Hey my lovelies, I am so so sorry that I have not posted in forever but with uni deadlines and deferrals due to health issues I have literally been piled up with uni work so have been super busy. BUT I am back with a review about the fabulous hair I received from Eliana's Hair Boutique. 

 Firstly I would like to thank Eliana's Hair Boutique for the fabulous hair as I absolutely loving it!

 So the delivery of the hair was super fast and I was informed when the hair would be with me the next day, which I thought was great because I always seem to have bad luck with products not turning up. The hair came in a beautiful goldish colour silk feeling bag and the cutest baby pink box which I was happy with as it is always nice to receive a product in lovely packaging. 

The hair I received was from the SEA collection by Angela Simmonds from Eliana's Hair Boutique.The hair is 100% raw, unprocessed, virgin human hair so can be reused and honestly feels amazingggggg! The hair is also double drawn hair which means that it is as thick at the top as it is at the ends, which provides a whole head of thickness. 
As I turned the hair into a u-part wig and the hair has minimal shedding, I feel that I can literally wear the wig all the time without it becoming thin and ratty. The hair straightens and curls beautifully with ease, so there is no need to be tonging one piece for ages (causing the hair to become brittle from heat damage). 

The company sells a variety of different types of hair such as raw Cambodian, raw Malaysian & Burmese so yessss there is a selection girls!

Overall I am extremely grateful and pleased with the hair and will definitely be purchasing from Eliana's Hair Boutique in the future. 

Check out the companies website www.hairbyellauk.co.uk and also check out their instagram www.instagram.com/elianashairboutique 


Hair Review: SEA Collection by Angela Simmonds

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hey guys, so I'm back with another get ready with me video. I decided to do a full makeup look with a browny/gold eye and red lips. 

I hope you like it!



Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Hey guys, so I filmed my first ever get ready with me so here it is!

I hope you all really liked this video, if you did let me know by giving my video a thumbs up & also don't forget to subscribe my to channel to keep up to date with new videos!



Monday, 27 February 2017

Hey guys, the other day I bought the Pro Studio Brush Bath from Freedom Makeup as my makeup brushes are absolutely filthy and definitely needed a good old clean. The brush bath is not only a brush cleaner it is a brush sanitizer too which is great as we all know dirty brushes leads to spots (which I'm sure none of us wants). Sooooo I decided to review the product!

I was extremely excited to try out the pro studio brush bath although, if I am honest, I was expecting disappointment, not that I think Freedom Makeup create crap products, their products are amazing & tbh I think I'm a Freedom Makeup addict! However, I have used so many different brush cleaning products and been disappointed that I felt that I would be disappointed with this product too. BUT that wasn't the case. The way this product was cleaning my brushes was crazzzy. My brushes get super dirty, so it always feels like such an effort to wash them, but when using the pro studio brush bath it was literally taking me less than a minute to clean each brush. 

The brush bath looks like a white solid soap. To use it I simply ran my dirty brush or beauty blender under water for a quick second and then rubbed it onto the brush bath. After rubbing it onto the brush bath I ran the brush bath under the water to get rid of the transfer of the dirty makeup from the brush or beauty blender.  
When cleaning my beauty blenders I simply rolled and massaged them into my hand, making the soap lather up. After running the beauty blender under the water it was free of makeup and stains! 
In order to clean my brushes, I rubbed the dirty brushes on the brush bath and then used my brush egg to get rid of all the makeup on the brush and then ran it under water.



As you can see in the pics my makeup brushes and blenders were absolutely disgusting (I know, I'm a tramp, leave me) but the brush bath made them spick and span! Not only does this brush bath clean and sanitise your brushes and blenders, it also conditions them and the small pot is great if you're on the move. 

Overall, I am loving this pro studio brush bath from freedom makeup, it made my brushes go back to their fresh, new looking and feeling selves and goddamn they feel so soft! Ahhhh they look and feel so beautiful I love it! I will deffo be using again! 

Have you tried this brush bath? Let me know what you think of it or let me know of any other brush cleaning products that are worth a try. 



Monday, 20 February 2017

Heya everyone, so today I decided to give you an outfit of the day post as I've had this post pending for a while. I wanted to try a nice casual but classy look, so here it is. 

COAT: Unknown (I think I got this coat off of a seller on eBay)
TOP: Boohoo
JEANS: Bershka
BOOTS: JustFab
SUNGLASSES: Coconut Lane  (20% off when you use my discount code chanel20)

I really liked this look and the fur jacket deffo kept me warm in this cold-ass weather! I feel that the ripped high-waisted jeans and my turtleneck top kept this look casual but the heels and fur coat gave my outfit a classy, night style look. 

Let me know what you think or share some of your ootd's with me!



Friday, 17 February 2017

Hey my lovelies, I know it's been ages since I've posted on the blog but I'm in my final year of uni and hey it's hard to blog and do 4 uni assignments...but with 3 out the way I feel I'm good to be blogging again. So, I'm here to give you my everyday makeup essentials. These are the 7 makeup products I honestly could not do my makeup without. 

1. Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in New Guinea
This foundation is my all time favourite foundation and without it my face would look awful. I use 2 different foundations when doing my makeup but my Nars foundation is the first foundation I apply to my face so I wouldn't know what to do without it. 

2. MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW44
My MAC foundation is a powder foundation and the second foundation I apply to my face. I use a small amount of this foundation after highlighting and contouring my face in order to bring more colour into my face. As this goes over my highlight and contour I honestly feel that I would look like a clown without it which is why it is deffo an everyday essential. 

3. Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray
I could NOT leave my house without using this spray. I don't really care which spray I get but I always purchase it from Makeup Revolution but I just pick up which ever one (there's a normal fixing spray and an oil control fixing spray). The fixing spray helps to give my makeup a more dewy makeup looks instead of a dry powdery look (which can happen after using a lot of powdery makeup). 

4. NYX Double Stacked Mascara
I haven't even been using this mascara for very long (about a month or so) but it is seriously amazing. Firstly, you apply the black mascara, you then apply the white fibre to your lashes, then lastly reapply the black mascara again. After you're done your eyelash look long, full and like falsies. I love this mascara and do not think I could complete my makeup without it. 

5. Elf Makeup Blush Palette in Dark 
I'm a person who uses blush everyday and feel that a makeup look just doesn't look or feel complete and perfect without a little blush. For this reason my elf blush palette has become an everyday makeup essential. To be honest I only use the darkest berry colour (bottom right) and the peach colour (top left) but I love love love them! 

6. Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer in Rock on World 
Ahhh I f#*%€#g love this bronzer, although I don't use it as a bronzer, I use it as a highlighter. My sister Rochelle first introduce me this bronzer after I asked her what highlighter she was using because the girl was glowing to the gods. I use this bronzer all the time and feel that it adds the perfect glow to my makeup which makes it look amazingggg. 

7. Sleek Black Eyeliner 
Now my final everyday makeup essential is my sleek black eyeliner. I don't really care what brand the eyeliner is from as long as it is black. A black eyeliner is an everyday essential for me because it is a 2in1. I use a black eyeliner in order to line my eyes (like obviously duh) but I also use it to draw in my eyebrows and without my eyebrows drawn in I am not leaving my house girl please.

So those where my 7 everyday makeup essentials, my products that I seriously would not leave my house without (well I would but I would NOT be happy and everyone would know it!). Let me know what your everyday makeup essentials are, comment below! 



Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Hey my lovelies, as I haven't done a makeup video in a while I thought it was time to do one. As Christmas has just passed I have decided to do a short video of my subtle Christmas lips. So here it is...


- Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in Twist

- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Juan

- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen

I hope you liked my video! Do you prefer a subtle xmas lip look or a bold xmas lip look? Let me know.



Monday, 2 January 2017

Hey my lovelies, I created an "All Gold Everything" makeup look a while ago so I've decided to post it.

STEP 1: I applied my foundation to my face, making sure to blend it into my hairline and neck (we don't want to be walking around with a mask on). I then used my black eyeliner to line the inside of my eyes and to outline my eyebrows. 
STEP 2: After applying my foundation, eyeliner and completing the first steps of my eyebrows, I took my eyebrow pomade and filled in my eyebrows. The eyebrow pomade is in colour granite which is super dark and makes my eyebrows stand out. 
STEP 3: I decided not to contour my face as it is not really necessary to contour all the time. So instead I simply applied my dark pink blush from the Elf Blush palette in dark from the apple of my cheeks up to my temple and blended it in. 
STEP 4: HIGHLIGHTTTTT! Now here's was the fun part. For the fourth step in my "All Gold Everything" makeup look I used the golden colour from my Radiance palette by Makeup Revolution and apply it to my eyelids (as eyeshadow), my lips (as lipstick), my cheek bones, underneath my eyebrow on the brow bone and lastly on the bridge of my nose. All this highlight, of course, gets blended in. 
STEP 5: To complete my makeup look, I applied a small amount of mascara to my eyelashes and spray my face with my fixing spray and we're all done! 

This makeup look was seriously quick and super easy to do! I loved this look and will deffo be wearing it again!


Friday, 16 December 2016

Hey my lovelies, I love doing outfit of the day posts so here's another one! 

Hat: New Look
Top: Primark
Jeans: Bershka
Heels: Primark
Bag: Zara

When styling this outfit I decided to try out a different look. I never ever wear coloured bottoms (unless it's a skirt) and thought after buying a lovely pair of red high waisted skinny jeans from Berskha that it was about time.
Instead of being boring and adding a plain black top I decided a striped, cropped vest top would add a little bit of an edge to the outfit and help the outfit to not be so bland. 
I paired the jeans and cropped vest top with a plain black snapback and a pair of chrome sandal heels in order to give the outfit a classy but everyday "street-style" look. 
Every outfit needs a bag and the bag wasn't really a big deal with this outfit as any black, red, white or chrome bag would have matched the outfit perfectly. However, I love the colour black and it always adds a bit more class to an outfit, so of course I chose to use my plain black, shoulder bag from Zara. 

I loved wearing this outfit! What do you think of it? Let me know


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hey guys, I haven't done a monthly favourites post for a while and as we're already 2 weeks through November I decided to do a post on my October favourites. 

So here it is: 

I absolutely love this elf blush palette and it's not the first time it has made it into my monthly favs. This palette is the darker product however it does come in a lighter form for fairer skin tones. 
I use all the colours within the palette however the main two colours I use is the lightest colour which is a peachy colour and the darkest colour which is a raspberry colour. These blushes are super pigmented and honestly last all day. 

Now I never go a day without eyeshadow, I love it and without it, my makeup would not feel complete. But lately, I've been feeling that my eyeshadow has been looking dull and colourless. So I bought this white eyeshadow base by NYX (don't watch my makeup in the pic,lol). I apply this eyeshadow base to my eyelids before I do my eyeshadow and blend it in (not too much though, it needs to stay white to brighten up your eyeshadow). 
This makes my eyeshadow pop and shows it's true colour! 

I loveeeeee jet black, thick brows they literally give me life and with this eyebrow pomade I am guaranteed to have the darkest brows going (and the thickness...well my eyebrows are naturally, overly thick lol). I used to simply fill in my eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil, however after discovering this eyebrow pomade from Freedom I CANNOT go back to my old ways. This granite coloured pomade lasts on my eyebrows all day and seriously is super dark. 

Thanks to the genes from my dad I have super deep, dark, natural bags permanently under my eyes and so when using concealer I am in desperate need of full coverage concealer and seriously this concealer is just that! The bright orange tone of the concealer counterbalances the dark undertones of my awful bags which therefore makes my under eye area look normal. 
I am loving this concealer so much as I have tried sooo many different concealers and they all seem to either not have enough coverage or do not last all day long, so if your having the same problem this is definitely the concealer for you! 

Oh my dayssss! This eyeshadow is the most beautiful thing ever and I will 100% be purchasing more colours. I love this eyeshadow because the colour is fabulous and pairs nicely with my skin tone. It is also handy that the eyeshadow is a roll on because I tend to lose lots of my eyeshadow brushes (I know I'm not the only one) so being able to just roll the eyeshadow on is seriously something I've always needed. 

So they were my favourite products from October. I would recommend all of these products and will definitely be purchasing them all again. 


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Hi my lovelies! I'm back with another quick video, however, this time I am showing you how I do my favourite double blended eyeshadow, along with a cat eye (eyeliner flick).


- Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 (Gold colour used)

- Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette (Orange-gold colour used & brown colour used)

- Makeup Revolution Double-ended Black Eyeliner Pen

I hope you enjoy this video! I did actually film myself applying mascara, however, my camera thought it was a convenient time to defocus. Nevertheless, mascara is pretty much self-explanatory!


Friday, 4 November 2016

Hi my lovelies! In this short video, I decided to show you all how I do my favourite lipgloss trio using some lovely NYX Cosmetics lip products!


- NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in colour Transylvania

- NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in colour Morocco

- NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in colour Soft-Spoken

I hope you liked this video!


Thursday, 3 November 2016

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