What colour is nude? Seems like a silly question doesn't it? Obviously it's a pinkish-beige colour...I mean even the Oxford Dictionary states that nude is a pinkish-beige colour so it must be right, right?

This is something which really frustrates me and I'm sure it frustrates others too. When clothing and cosmetic companies are referring to "nude" they mean that it is the same colour as flesh...but whose flesh? Because my flesh certainly isn't a pinkish-beige colour and neither is millions of others. 
The point I am making is that everyone's "nude" is different. Yes, some people's "nude" is a pinkish-beige colour but for a lot of people it is not, and I feel that clothing and cosmetic companies really need to grasp the concept that their so called "nude" is not nude for all skin tones. We do not live in a one skin toned society so the word "nude" should not be used to describe one tone of flesh, it should be used to describe multiple tones of flesh. 
The word "nude" may be flesh toned to a person of a lighter skin tone but for those, like me, who have a darker skin tone, the colour known as "nude" in shops is definitely not flesh toned for us. 

I feel that clothing and cosmetic companies which only brand a pinkish-beige colour as "nude" and no other colour, such as a caramel colour or brown as "nude" really are not thinking about everyone. They are either deluded and believe that every individual shares the same pinkish-beige skin tone or they simply do not care about the other millions of individuals and potential customers who's flesh is not a pinkish-beige colour. And this my dears can be seen as xenophobic. 

Have you ever online shopped for flesh coloured underwear, clicked nude and underwear of only a pink/beige-ish colour come up on the screen. How frustrating right? I mean it leaves you with two options...either you are not getting underwear the same colour as your flesh OR look like a idiot wearing the so called "nude" underwear which is clearly not the same colour as your skin tone.

One company which understands the real definition of "nude" is Louboutin. Christian Louboutin stated that "nude is not a colour, it is a concept" and for this reason the company has extended its Nude Collection to appeal to women of all skin tones. The collection ranges from shoes of a light pinkish colour to a dark brown colour. This means that people of all skin tones can purchase shoes which are nude to them. 
We need more companies to step up and do this because Christian Louboutin is 100% correct. Nude is not a colour, it is a concept, and if society cannot grasp this then collectively as a society there is no hope for our future. 

Do you agree? Let me know what you think about the word "nude" and how it is used throughout clothing and cosmetic companies. 



Monday, 25 April 2016

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