Monday, 30 May 2016

Hey my lovelies, today I thought I'd do a post about a makeup look I did awhile ago. I don't know why I haven't uploaded this sooner but hey ho here it is.
For this makeup look I decided to go for a darkish makeup with some "berry" colours. So here it is! 


STEP 1 - The first thing I did when doing this makeup look where my eyebrows. I used my black eyebrow gel to fill in my eyebrows. I then used my MAC Studio Finish Concealer in colour NW40 to outline and clean up any mistakes I made when doing my eyebrows. 

STEP 2 - I then applied a black eyeshadow to my eyelids and then applied a purple eyeshadow on top and blended them together. I used a black kohl eyeliner in order for my eyes to look alive lol (honestly my eyes look dead without eyeliner).

STEP 3 - I have naturally built in bags under my eyes (thanks to my dads genetics lol) so deffo need to colour correct under my eyes. I used the lilac colour in my Freedom Makeup Colour Corrector Palette to remove the yellow/orange/brown circles under my eyes. I then applied my MAC Select Cover-up concealer under my eyes. 

STEP 4 - My favourite part yayyy! In this step I applied my Kiko Milano Foundation in colour N160 to my entire face and neck. Then I used my Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder to highlight underneath my eyes, my jawline and the bridge of my nose. I then took my Sleek Crème to Powder Foundation in colour Deep Sable (which is quite a lot darker than my skin tone) and used it to contour the sides of my nose and my cheekbones. Obviously I blended my highlight and contour together so I didn't look like a clown and then applied the thinnest layer of my MAC Studio Finish Powder Foundation in colour NW45 onto my face. 

STEP 5 - Blush time! This is where I brought the brightness back to my face and applied my Barry M Cream Blush in colour Raspberry Charlotte (which is the most gorgeous blush colour everrrr!) and blended it into my cheeks and cheekbones. 

STEP 6 - In order to make my eyelashes look visible I used my Younqiue Moodstruck 3D Fibre+ Lash Mascara. This mascara is seriously amazingggg and makes your lashes look like falsies. You have to apply another mascara on top of this mascara so I used the Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara which I have to say is one of the best and cheapest mascaras going! 

STEP 7 - Lippie! So I used two different lip colours in order to achieve my purple/pink ombré lips. I first applied my Makeup Revolution Lipstick in colour Rebel with Cause. I patted my lips down with a cotton pad in order to remove any excess lipstick. I then applied a light pink lip crayon to the middle of my lips on top of the purple lipstick and obviouslyyyyy I blended it together, can't be going nowhere with unblended lips aha. 

STEP 8 - The final step...setting spray! We always have to set our makeup so that it lasts all day! So I used my Freedom Makeup Pro Fixing Spray in order to do so. 
So that's everything I did to create my "dark berry" makeup look. I absolutely loved this look and I loved wearing it and I will 100% be wearing it again. 
Let me what you think of my Night Out (Dark Berry) makeup look or tell me what your favourite makeup look is! 

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