Thursday, 19 May 2016

As summer is approaching, the bright colours are starting to come out and so are the sunglasses and sunhats! 
The other day was extremely hot so myself and one of my best friends Jamie decided to take a trek into Middlesex to take some outfit of the day photos and also so I could give him a tour of my university as he is looking to start he's postgraduate degree. 
As the day was seriously hot, I decided to wear quite summery clothes. I usually wear dark colours or nudes but when the sun comes out I feel it is time for the bright colours to come out too!


Sunhat: Select
Miami Shades Sunglasses: Coconut Lane
High Neck Top: New Look
Multicoloured Stripe Midi Skirt: New Look
Court Shoes: Topshop
Handbag: Zara

This outfit was extremely comfortable and looked great if I do say so myself. Usually I would wear a strapless bra with this sort of top but unfortunately I couldn't find my strapless bra so a normal bra had to do. The sun hat of course kept the sun off of my head and makeup and I absolutely loveeeeee my sunglasses from Coconut Lane (use my discount code chanel20 for 20% off!) 

What is one of your favourite "summertime" outfits? Let me know!


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