Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hey my beauties, I thought I would do a review about these fabulous lashes I have been using! 
I have recently become an ambassador of Dodo Lashes which is a lash company which provide 100% full mink lashes for only $5 yassssss that's right $5 and they ship worldwide too (for orders over $30) which is amazing as I live in London lol. 
The lashes are gorgeous and feel super soft and silky. The lashes I have personally been using are the Dodo Lashes in D105. The band of the lashes are very defined which I love. A lot of the time when I buy strip lashes, the band is barely visible, which makes me end up putting glue on the actual lashes and then the glue ripping the lashes out when I take the eyelashes off and remove the glue. BUTTTT because of the defined band this problem is no more! 

Also, as a person with particularly small eyes (thank you Dad for passing those genes on lol) full strip lashes tend to swamp my eyes and just look ridiculous (even when I cut them down), which is why I usually buy strip half lashes. However, my Dodo Lashes in D105 do not create this problem. As the lashes are 100% mink they give off a seriously natural look. 
I would 100% recommend buying these lashes as they are by far the best strip lashes I have ever used. Also, if you use my discount code "chanelsbeautybible" you get some money off the lashes! (which is amazingggg as the lashes are a great price anyway!) 

Have you tried any Dodolashes? If you have what did you think? Let me know. 

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