Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Hey my lovelies, so I've got another OOTD post for you so I hope you like it!


- Hat: eBay
- Dress: eBay
- Heels: JustFab
- Jacket: Topshop

We all love red, I don't care what anyone says red is a colour I absolutely LOVE to wear! I feel it looks amazing, is great for the Summer time and just adds a little bit of sex appeal to anyone (wink, wink lol). So of course I chose this wear a red bodycon dress. I felt that wearing this dress would definitely brighten up the day for me as the crusty British weather has been just that...crusty (I mean it's June and it has been raining but ahh let's not get into that). 
Now I love over the top in your face shoes so these lace-up heels were defo a need to purchase. I paired these shoes up with my red dress so that instead of having statement shoes or a statement dress, I could have a statement outfit. I was fully loving wearing this outfit and it was seriously drawing attention (or that could have been the fact that I was in a London park on a cold June day wearing a dress and extremely in your face lace-up heels lol - most probably that). 
I love a long, smart, black coat so I just had to grab my Topshop coat when putting together my outfit. I feel that the coat definitely added more class to the outfit as such a short dress with such heels can sometimes look a little on the "cheap" side. 
Finally, I added the Beret to the outfit as I have an serious hat fetish so simply had to lol but I think it adds a cute look to the outfit. 

What do you think? Let me know! 

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