Friday, 15 July 2016

Hi my lovelies, I am so sorry that I have been completely m.i.a with my blog posts lately but I am back with a new one.
So yesterday my friend and I decided to do a men's outfit of the day post as there has never been a men's fashion post on my blog and I thought that now is the chance!


- Hat: H&M
- Earrings: Beaverbrooks
- Checkered shirt: H&M
- Jean shorts: H&M
- Socks: Primark
- Shoes: Puma store
- Rucksack: Unknown

Although it has not been sunny so far this July in London, it doesn't mean you have to dress down and wrap up. This is why I love this outfit! A checkered shirt is always a go to item when going for a sophisticated look and who doesn't love a trilby straw hat! 
I am absolutely loving the denim ripped shorts as they are seriously unique and of course look great. 
Matching the fabulous shorts with shin high white socks was definitely something I loved and I feel gives the outfit a unique look and vibe. ANDDDD the shoes...the royal blue colour of the trainers are just to die for and completely bring the outfit together setting off a "blue" trend. 
Finally, we all know that guys never like carrying bags so completing this outfit with a rucksack is something I'm sure would make most guys happy as they can simply carry it on there back. The beige colour of the rucksack is lovely and also works well with the outfit as it is such a neutral tone. 
I fully love this outfit and think that is definitely a great men's outfit for summer time or any time when the weather is decent. 

What do you think about this outfit? Let me know! 

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