Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Hey guys, I haven't done a monthly favourites post for a while and as we're already 2 weeks through November I decided to do a post on my October favourites. 

So here it is: 

I absolutely love this elf blush palette and it's not the first time it has made it into my monthly favs. This palette is the darker product however it does come in a lighter form for fairer skin tones. 
I use all the colours within the palette however the main two colours I use is the lightest colour which is a peachy colour and the darkest colour which is a raspberry colour. These blushes are super pigmented and honestly last all day. 

Now I never go a day without eyeshadow, I love it and without it, my makeup would not feel complete. But lately, I've been feeling that my eyeshadow has been looking dull and colourless. So I bought this white eyeshadow base by NYX (don't watch my makeup in the pic,lol). I apply this eyeshadow base to my eyelids before I do my eyeshadow and blend it in (not too much though, it needs to stay white to brighten up your eyeshadow). 
This makes my eyeshadow pop and shows it's true colour! 

I loveeeeee jet black, thick brows they literally give me life and with this eyebrow pomade I am guaranteed to have the darkest brows going (and the thickness...well my eyebrows are naturally, overly thick lol). I used to simply fill in my eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil, however after discovering this eyebrow pomade from Freedom I CANNOT go back to my old ways. This granite coloured pomade lasts on my eyebrows all day and seriously is super dark. 

Thanks to the genes from my dad I have super deep, dark, natural bags permanently under my eyes and so when using concealer I am in desperate need of full coverage concealer and seriously this concealer is just that! The bright orange tone of the concealer counterbalances the dark undertones of my awful bags which therefore makes my under eye area look normal. 
I am loving this concealer so much as I have tried sooo many different concealers and they all seem to either not have enough coverage or do not last all day long, so if your having the same problem this is definitely the concealer for you! 

Oh my dayssss! This eyeshadow is the most beautiful thing ever and I will 100% be purchasing more colours. I love this eyeshadow because the colour is fabulous and pairs nicely with my skin tone. It is also handy that the eyeshadow is a roll on because I tend to lose lots of my eyeshadow brushes (I know I'm not the only one) so being able to just roll the eyeshadow on is seriously something I've always needed. 

So they were my favourite products from October. I would recommend all of these products and will definitely be purchasing them all again. 

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