Friday, 16 December 2016

Hey my lovelies, I created an "All Gold Everything" makeup look a while ago so I've decided to post it.

STEP 1: I applied my foundation to my face, making sure to blend it into my hairline and neck (we don't want to be walking around with a mask on). I then used my black eyeliner to line the inside of my eyes and to outline my eyebrows. 
STEP 2: After applying my foundation, eyeliner and completing the first steps of my eyebrows, I took my eyebrow pomade and filled in my eyebrows. The eyebrow pomade is in colour granite which is super dark and makes my eyebrows stand out. 
STEP 3: I decided not to contour my face as it is not really necessary to contour all the time. So instead I simply applied my dark pink blush from the Elf Blush palette in dark from the apple of my cheeks up to my temple and blended it in. 
STEP 4: HIGHLIGHTTTTT! Now here's was the fun part. For the fourth step in my "All Gold Everything" makeup look I used the golden colour from my Radiance palette by Makeup Revolution and apply it to my eyelids (as eyeshadow), my lips (as lipstick), my cheek bones, underneath my eyebrow on the brow bone and lastly on the bridge of my nose. All this highlight, of course, gets blended in. 
STEP 5: To complete my makeup look, I applied a small amount of mascara to my eyelashes and spray my face with my fixing spray and we're all done! 

This makeup look was seriously quick and super easy to do! I loved this look and will deffo be wearing it again!

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