Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Hey my lovelies, I know it's been ages since I've posted on the blog but I'm in my final year of uni and hey it's hard to blog and do 4 uni assignments...but with 3 out the way I feel I'm good to be blogging again. So, I'm here to give you my everyday makeup essentials. These are the 7 makeup products I honestly could not do my makeup without. 

1. Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in New Guinea
This foundation is my all time favourite foundation and without it my face would look awful. I use 2 different foundations when doing my makeup but my Nars foundation is the first foundation I apply to my face so I wouldn't know what to do without it. 

2. MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW44
My MAC foundation is a powder foundation and the second foundation I apply to my face. I use a small amount of this foundation after highlighting and contouring my face in order to bring more colour into my face. As this goes over my highlight and contour I honestly feel that I would look like a clown without it which is why it is deffo an everyday essential. 

3. Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray
I could NOT leave my house without using this spray. I don't really care which spray I get but I always purchase it from Makeup Revolution but I just pick up which ever one (there's a normal fixing spray and an oil control fixing spray). The fixing spray helps to give my makeup a more dewy makeup looks instead of a dry powdery look (which can happen after using a lot of powdery makeup). 

4. NYX Double Stacked Mascara
I haven't even been using this mascara for very long (about a month or so) but it is seriously amazing. Firstly, you apply the black mascara, you then apply the white fibre to your lashes, then lastly reapply the black mascara again. After you're done your eyelash look long, full and like falsies. I love this mascara and do not think I could complete my makeup without it. 

5. Elf Makeup Blush Palette in Dark 
I'm a person who uses blush everyday and feel that a makeup look just doesn't look or feel complete and perfect without a little blush. For this reason my elf blush palette has become an everyday makeup essential. To be honest I only use the darkest berry colour (bottom right) and the peach colour (top left) but I love love love them! 

6. Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer in Rock on World 
Ahhh I f#*%€#g love this bronzer, although I don't use it as a bronzer, I use it as a highlighter. My sister Rochelle first introduce me this bronzer after I asked her what highlighter she was using because the girl was glowing to the gods. I use this bronzer all the time and feel that it adds the perfect glow to my makeup which makes it look amazingggg. 

7. Sleek Black Eyeliner 
Now my final everyday makeup essential is my sleek black eyeliner. I don't really care what brand the eyeliner is from as long as it is black. A black eyeliner is an everyday essential for me because it is a 2in1. I use a black eyeliner in order to line my eyes (like obviously duh) but I also use it to draw in my eyebrows and without my eyebrows drawn in I am not leaving my house girl please.

So those where my 7 everyday makeup essentials, my products that I seriously would not leave my house without (well I would but I would NOT be happy and everyone would know it!). Let me know what your everyday makeup essentials are, comment below! 



  1. Great post Chanel! Loving the Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation too. Might try the oil control spray, is it like Fix +.

    Juliet x

  2. Thanks so much! & yep it's just like the Fix+ just a lot cheaper lol x


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