Monday, 20 February 2017

Hey guys, the other day I bought the Pro Studio Brush Bath from Freedom Makeup as my makeup brushes are absolutely filthy and definitely needed a good old clean. The brush bath is not only a brush cleaner it is a brush sanitizer too which is great as we all know dirty brushes leads to spots (which I'm sure none of us wants). Sooooo I decided to review the product!

I was extremely excited to try out the pro studio brush bath although, if I am honest, I was expecting disappointment, not that I think Freedom Makeup create crap products, their products are amazing & tbh I think I'm a Freedom Makeup addict! However, I have used so many different brush cleaning products and been disappointed that I felt that I would be disappointed with this product too. BUT that wasn't the case. The way this product was cleaning my brushes was crazzzy. My brushes get super dirty, so it always feels like such an effort to wash them, but when using the pro studio brush bath it was literally taking me less than a minute to clean each brush. 

The brush bath looks like a white solid soap. To use it I simply ran my dirty brush or beauty blender under water for a quick second and then rubbed it onto the brush bath. After rubbing it onto the brush bath I ran the brush bath under the water to get rid of the transfer of the dirty makeup from the brush or beauty blender.  
When cleaning my beauty blenders I simply rolled and massaged them into my hand, making the soap lather up. After running the beauty blender under the water it was free of makeup and stains! 
In order to clean my brushes, I rubbed the dirty brushes on the brush bath and then used my brush egg to get rid of all the makeup on the brush and then ran it under water.



As you can see in the pics my makeup brushes and blenders were absolutely disgusting (I know, I'm a tramp, leave me) but the brush bath made them spick and span! Not only does this brush bath clean and sanitise your brushes and blenders, it also conditions them and the small pot is great if you're on the move. 

Overall, I am loving this pro studio brush bath from freedom makeup, it made my brushes go back to their fresh, new looking and feeling selves and goddamn they feel so soft! Ahhhh they look and feel so beautiful I love it! I will deffo be using again! 

Have you tried this brush bath? Let me know what you think of it or let me know of any other brush cleaning products that are worth a try. 


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